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Narrow Gate exists to transform lives. Whether through our residential discipleship program known as Narrow Gate Lodge or through our local craft businsses specializing in wood, leather and coffee - our mission is all about impacting lives for good. We identify and develop high-capacity leaders by instiling in them character, work ethic, responsibility and a focus on serving others and our communities. Our Graduates go on to lead companies, churches, families and communities. We are investing in the next-generation for a better tomorrow. Transformation through Relationship and Confidence through Craftsmanship is how we achieve our mission of helping other discover a life that matters.

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  • Leadership Development
  • Next-generation


Authentic relationships set the stafe for lasting transformation at Narrow Gate Lodge
Coffee roasting team managing quality control through regular cuppings
Erin McAttee - Director of Business Development
Our leathershop team are passionate about their craft
Our newest handbound leather Bible is a top-seller
Our minimalist wallets are sleek and made to last a lifetime
Our woodshop teams makes TN Box Beams, floating shelves, mantels and so much more
Our TN Box Beams are our #1 product
Builders, designers and home owners alike love our Floating Shelves
We make leather coffee mugs that you can put your logo on!
Our locally-roasted coffee makes a great gift - everyday!