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About Us

My career has been devoted to helping sales people to schedule face-to-face appointments with new prospects. Initially, the phone was our primary tool, but they are no longer the only way we create sales appointments. Our new paradigm is what I call “The Digital-Vocal-Personal Mix”. You need to know how to link technology, phones and face-to-face opportunities into a more modern way of approaching prospects.
For two decades, I have continually adapted my training and materials to reflect our ever-changing environment. Despite the rise of technology, the human voice cannot be replaced.
My work focuses on the entire sales tea. I provide the most up-to-date training on setting face-to-face sales appointments with new prospects. I utilize on-site seminars, in-house and remote role playing sessions, script writing, and one-on-one supervision to increase your sales opportunities.
My training materials include script books, audio training and an on-line video series.


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