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Software Engineer

Creatrix Inc.
Job Description
  • Build large-scale enterprise applications and systems 
  • Explore and vet new technologies and application stacks to support future cloud-based application development 
  • Promote software reuse across functional teams 
  • Develop technical and non-technical relationships outside of our business unit 
  • Design, build and deliver new secure, commercial SaaS offerings designed to run in the cloud and support both web and mobile clients 
  • Design and develop biometric models and algorithms to meet client requirements 
  • Actively participate in improving the code base by performing code reviews 
  • Support quality development and pursue better ways to build software 
  • Understand and follow emerging design protocol to meet business needs of the client 
  • Contribute to an atmosphere of cross-functional teamwork within the organization 
  • Conduct unit, integration, and functional testing 
  • Challenge fellow engineers/developers (and be willing to be challenged in return) to build more maintainable, deployable, robust, and secure applications and systems 
  • Java programming expertise
  • Expertise with more than one of the following: Swift, Python, SQL, NoSQL, ReactJS, Angular, HTML5 
  • Familiarity with reactive programming (e.g., Rx Java), Vertx, Dagger 2 or similar dependency injection/IOC container, and/or Kafka or similar messaging technologies 
  • Experience with AWS, Linux, Microservices, RESTful webservices, and machine learning 
  • Experience with one or more of: API design, Design by Contract, OWASP, DFD, ERD 
  • Familiarity with Lean, DevOps, and CI/CD 
  • Prior work with dependency injection/inversion of control 
  • Familiarity with pub/sub messaging
  • Experience with unit, integration, and functional testing 
  • Experience with OAuth, mutual authentication, and PKI is a plus 
  • Experience working on projects/programs dealing with vetting, identity resolution, and biometric matching is a plus 
  • Proven analytical ability with strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Proven success working on a team with team members at all levels 
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, multi-focus environment 
  • Bachelor’s Degree 
  • US Citizenship (no dual) is required
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